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Creating a system of care for every child


CHC is a county-wide collaboration in partnership with the Allen County Department of Health and multiple direct service providers. The vision of the Children’s Health Collaborative is to create a system of care where all kids in Allen County are physically, mentally, spiritually healthy and educated to their highest potential.


The work of CHC focuses on incorporating local pediatric health data and community stakeholder input into the original strategic plan – a plan facilitated by retired Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah A. McMahan, MD – and identifying four key focus areas that needed addressing to support the health and well-being of our youth.

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Antoinette Francher-Donald, MBA

Antoinette Francher-Donald is a highly accomplished and personable leader at the Children's Health Collaborative since March 2020. With a diverse range of experience in healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, education, and nonprofits, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her background includes leadership in marketing, fundraising, teaching, and advocacy, particularly in the Fort Wayne community. Antoinette's relatability and life experience as a parent of two daughters, as well as her dedication to personal goals such as completing over 30 marathons, make her an exceptional leader for the Children's Health Collaborative.


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