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Antoinette Francher-Donald, MBA

Antoinette Francher-Donald began her leadership of the Children’s Health Collaborative in March 2020.

Antoinette has her BA in Marketing with a minor in Spanish from Illinois State University. She also earned her MBA in Management and Human Resources from Indiana Tech. Antoinette has worked in various industries including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, education, and nonprofits.


Antoinette brings years of leadership in marketing, fundraising, teaching, and advocacy. Most recently, she worked for Parkview Health as a Marketing Specialist for 6 years with the creative team responsible for creating TV, newspaper, radio, and billboard ads. This immersion in the largest healthcare provider in the region and her lived experience helped cement her passion for children's health. 


Before her time at Parkview, Antoinette served the Fort Wayne Urban League as a liaison to the CEO and managed various programs as well as wrote grant applications. She has taught at Indiana Tech and organized career development activities for Ivy Tech. Antoinette also volunteers for several nonprofit organizations. She is currently on the board of directors for the Parkview YMCA and serves on their Board Development Committee, as well as the Metro YMCA Diversity, Equity and Global committee.

However, it is not only her professional accomplishments that make Antoinette uniquely suited for this role. Antoinette and her husband of 30+ years are the proud parents of two daughters;  30 and 14. They've lived the complicated experience of raising children in Fort Wayne, IN and the multi-intersectional experience of raising Black daughters here lends Antoinette insight that you could never learn in school or from research.


Antoinette's tenacity can be seen in her commitment to her own health and wellness, as she's run more than 30-full marathons, two of them being the Boston Marathon. One day she hopes to run the Boston Marathon with her oldest daughter.


In her free time, you can find Antoinette traveling, exercising, or spending time with her girls.


Phone: 260-969-3307


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